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Sky TV for Yachts Services

Whether you're looking for personal onboard entertainment or want to offer your staff the comforts of their own living room, Sky TV For Yachts can provide you with access to hundreds of TV channels with the latest Sky shows, movies, sports and news.


We ship Sky TV products worldwide, so whether the equipment needs to be shipped to Fort Lauderdale, Naples or
Rotterdam, we’ve got you covered.


We Understand that 12-month contracts aren’t always suited for those in the marine industry. This is why we offer 6-month contracts that work around your charter and guest season.

Your Favourite

Premium Channels

Stay entertained with classic and award-winning series exclusive to Sky Atlantic, original comedy and drama on Sky Showcase and new movies every week on Sky Cinema.

Sky Sports brings you the best sporting action across 11 Sky Sports channels, ensuring you benefit from an outstanding live sports experience all year round.