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Sky TV for Yachts

The authorised supplier of Sky TV for Motor Yachts,
Ferries, Rigs and Offshore Vessels.
Sky TV Offshore Services for commercial vessels.
The best in quality entertainment now available for
you, your guests and your crew with no limitations
on the amount of TV sets you can have Sky on!
All packages are available 100% official Sky TV.
Sky Sports, the latest Movies with Sky Cinema and
your favourite shows with the Entertainment package.

Sky For Yachts - Order Today For Exclusive TV Access.

Offer the

best offshore entertainment

to your guests

Access Hundreds of

Premium TV Channels

Access hundreds of premium TV channels, including the latest movies, sports, Premier League football, F1 and even kid's TV. Sky TV For Yachts now available wherever you are! Additional standalone channels are also available like BT Sports for Champions League and Europa League football and MMA sports.



We pride ourselves on our vast experience in the satellite TV industry, from product knowledge to our professional team of technicians. The very best service available 365 days a year! Contact us today.


The Astra 2F and Astra 2G group of satellites Europe KU beams provide Sky TV for yachts service coverage. Before purchasing, ensure you have good coverage.