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Sky TV Marine

Sky TV Marine

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Sky TV Marine

Sky TV Marine. Access the channel bundles available to build and customize a package of Sky Offshore, from Sky Sports, Movies straight from the Cinema, Kids TV and the base package Entertainment.

Offer your crew and guests a massive selection of the best entertainment with Sky TV content at sea, chosen to suit their needs.

Official Supplier of Sky TV

Are you looking for  an official supplier of SKY TV for the marine industry? Official Sky TV business subscriptions are available issued with an invoice from Sky. Delivery is available Worldwide with our tracked courier service.

Where can I receive Sky TV Offshore?

Offshore TV for Marine TV viewing! Sky Offshore is available for Offshore oil and gas rigs, Small Vessels (even with one TV) Motor Yachts, Super Yachts, Ferries, Cruise Ships / Liners and Sailing boats.

Sky TV is available through the Astra group of satellites throughout the North Sea, The Channel, The Mediterranean and most areas of Europe.

Can I receive the service on smaller vessels?

You can receive Sky TV throughout Europe furthermore, the service is now available for smaller offshore vessels. Now available – build a channel package even if you would like to view on just one TV.

Sky UK offshore TV offers a unique service managing your needs 365 days a year. Full support over email and telephone available.   +44 (0) 2032 838 000

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